cost of ca id card buy fake id

cost of ca id card buy fake id

All Fake and Novelty ID are guaranteed to scan, blacklight, and appropriate holograms which replicate the real product 100%.

  There are many fake and Novelty ID fans all over the world, and we are one of them ourselves. There are many ID manufacturer websites on the Internet. After experiencing their poor ordering system and customer support, we decided to build a legal, reliable and Novelty ID website ourselves. We have 5 advantages:

  1.Stealth Shipping

  Your security is our upmost priority. All of our packages come disguised as a normal letter to ensure it is not interecepted by the courier.

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  All the fake and Novelty IDs we provide guarantee that all information is scanned and displayed correctly, we replicate the holograms 100% to a real ID. Our IDs pass the bend test and the black light test. The Fake and Novelty ID we provide has all the security features.

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  We used to buy IDs by e-mail or acquaintances, always frustrated by communication errors. Now it’s a lot easier to buy Novelty ID online. The fully automated ordering system we developed allows you to complete the entire order process by yourself. We don’t even know who you are. And support Bitcoin, Litecoin, Western Union, PayPal and Alipay, so you can easily complete the payment. Once the payment is completed, the order will automatically start the production process and then send it to you by courier. It all takes just a few days to complete.

  5. Customer Support

  Our support is here at your need 5 days a week, M-F. We will answer all your questions. We are here to satisfy all your needs.

Buy a fake ID quickly and without any eligible documents

  Anyone would feel skeptical about using forged documents. You may think of this as a murky activity, but it is certainly not. Take the US, which is home to millions of undocumented immigrants. They exist everywhere and spend their lives peacefully because the system has limitations. With our novelty ID cards, you can take advantage of this gap and utilize them to their best potential. No one will chase you for doing so.

  Authenticity is another reason why people order fake IDs from Real Document Providers. We are highly fastidious about all the:

  scannable high-resolution photosbarcodesmagnetic stripeshologramshidden engravingThanks to our relationships with the top officials, we are always being clued up on the latest document design changes and security features. When you buy a fake ID, you can be confident in knowing we have the records updated in the central database. There’s no chance for anyone to discover them!

cost of ca id card buy fake id