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Kowloon Technical School

  Kowloon Technical School (Chinese: 九龍工業學校) is a technical secondary school founded by the Hong Kong Government in Sham Shui Po, Kowloon, Hong Kong near Cheung Sha Wan station. The school motto is Thorough (貫徹始終).

  The school is run as a government technical secondary school, emphasizing on (全人教育). In addition to the typical secondary school curriculum, KTS enriches their students with a wide range of subjects including technical, commerce, civil education, and information technology. The list of elective subjects includes literature, science, social science, informational technology, and commerce. In the 2005-06 academic year, the school has a total of 29 classes. There are 5 classes each from Form 1 – 5 (7th – 11th grade), and 2 classes each from Form 6 – 7 (12th – 13th grade).

  Kowloon Technical School provides their students with a strong curriculum in science and technology. Together with the traditional science and technology education, students can learn advanced subjects ranging from information technology, graphic communications, to electronics.

  General personal development is another area of emphasis. Students develop their skills and abilities through the study of a wide range of subjects including physical education, music, arts, civic education, general studies, etc.

  Originally called Sham Shui Po Technical School, the school was founded on 11 September 1961. In 1964, it merged with Fuk Wah Secondary Modern School (福華街實用中學) and was renamed as Kowloon Technical School. As a result of the merger, the school became the largest secondary school in Hong Kong at the time. In the late 1960s and 1970s, Kowloon Technical School had more than 1900 students with 51 classes. However, due to rapid development of other areas in Kowloon, families have started to move to new areas away from Sham Shui Po. The student population has gradually reduced to around 1100.

  In 1997, the Review of Prevocational and Secondary Technical Education proposed that technical schools change their name by removing the labelling terms. Kowloon Technical School was invited to change their name to Kowloon Government Secondary School (九龍官立中學). However, due to the strong objections from the school administration, the original name of the school was preserved.

  In 1998, the teaching language was changed from English to Chinese. In 1999, the School Management Committee of Government Schools was founded.

  Vincent Cheng – HSBC Asia Pacific President
Ambrose Lee – ex-HKSAR Secretary for Security Bureau
Albert Cheng – LegCo member
Ka-Ki Kwok – LegCo member
Ming-Yum Ng – former LegCo member (deceased)
Anthony Wong Yiu-ming – singer
Edward Yiu – LegCo member

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Technical school

  In the United States, a technical school is a that covers fields such as business, finance, hospitality, tourism, construction, engineering, visual arts, information technology and community work.

  The Association for Career and Technical Education is the largest U.S. education association dedicated to promoting career and technical education.

  Technical school is also the term used in the United States Armed Forces for the job specific training given immediately after recruit training. Though similar to the training provided by a two-year college, the training is much more concise, eschewing any coursework outside the minimum necessary to begin working in the chosen career field; additionally, the training is more time intensive, often including more than nine in-class hours per day. Military technical school is typically one to three months in duration, though some schools are as short as two weeks or as long as two years.

  Upon graduation, military technical school recruits are qualified only as apprentices and must work under supervision until they have completed a more extensive on-the-job training program. Many times the military training can be converted to standard university credits, leaving the graduating recruit with only a few general education requirement courses (such as speech or composition) to complete in order to receive the more traditional two-year technical school diploma referenced above.

  Secondary technical school: an obsolete type of school in the United Kingdom
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